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/Smart security surveillance plays a very important role in 2019nCoV

Smart security surveillance plays a very important role in 2019nCoV

February 21, 2020

2019nCoV is gradually stable which let you breathe a sigh of relief, the expiry of the isolation friend joy can go out, companies can return to work step by step, we began to pack up to go out to work, after the outbreak, we see the human side, of course, most of the people is a positive contribution and understands cooperate attitude, the search code to register with personal information, the queued patiently to cooperate, especially every day go out wearing surgical masks to cooperate, but we also see humanity character unfriendly side, security monitoring of the epidemic period play incisively and vividly.

Fortunately, with using of security monitoring, under the condition of no portal, can crowds gathered from scattered, the small unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) monitoring, where people can see, immediately flew to the front language speaker advise from, elevator or install monitoring in public, play a role to supervise, the criminal target, tracking capture.

Our company's agent Beijing Ingenic chip is focused on the security series of products, for many enterprises to create excellent monitoring work, the use of new technology to develop the security monitoring series, such as the monitoring of temperature, precision ≤0.3℃, built-in automatic temperature measurement correction; Real-time temperature measurement, multi-target synchronous automatic measurement, response time within 30 milliseconds, the use of Ingenic AI technology, built-in Beijing Ingenic T02 chip, with independent temperature conversion algorithm.

In terms of epidemic prevention and control, this human body thermometer can realize non-inductive rapid temperature measurement within 10 meters, and supports intelligent overtemperature alarm, positioning, and sound-light alarm. The application scenario is suitable for airports, stations, docks, schools, hospitals, scenic spots, enterprises and other crowded places, to help users quickly screen and track temperature anomalies; Not only used in public places, yijie xiaowian thinks that home is also very suitable, family members who have children at home can realize that the children's illness will affect the whole family, every day can be established at any time, the temperature of the child is absolutely a good helper.

In addition, Ingenic chip has been widely used in various IoT segments, such as intelligent face recognition, alarm input, output, real-time face tracking and other practical functions. We firmly believe that with the concerted efforts of people all over the country, we will be able to overcome the epidemic at an early date and achieve victory.

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